Get Harley —

Skin Care & Health Practitioners that are Powered by Knowledge, Not Hype

Named after London’s medical destination, Get Harley believe skin health should be powered by knowledge, not hype. Get matched with a medical practitioner specialised in your skin goals to get the best advice. Discover medical grade products and clinical treatments for your skin and leave nothing to guesswork.

Objective —

The objective of this project was to help a UK-based skin care & health consultation company effectively translate the Get Harley brand onto a digital marketing website that encompasses the capability for users to book an appointment, or login to their account, all through the online portal.

The Get Harley brand is also elegantly presented through well-crafted digital experience on the mobile responsive website.

Project Type —

Website Design

Website Development

Results —

Really Awesome, But Confidential :X

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Simple & Seamless Online Booking Funnel

We are able to successfully implement an easy step-by-step booking system for Get Harley, which also acts as a leads generation funnel that helps to increase customer acquisition.

Through this feature, Get Harley is able to focus their attention on quality leads already filtered out by the booking process, which in turn, significantly increases their productivity and effectively decreases their time lost on unqualified leads.

Dedicated User Account for Personalised Information

By providing every qualified users with a dedicated login account, Get Harley is able to offer expert practitioners’ advice and recommend personalised product introduction to users based on their needs.

This helps to position the Get Harley brand as professional consultants that provide personalised service, rather than the traditional way of bombarding users with showcases of products, which usually confuses the potential customers, resulting them to bounce.

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